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This page documents active outfits. Active outfits are outfits that grant powerful abilities to the ship, but only temporarily and only when the player manually activates the outfits.


Activated Outfits are purchased and equipped like any other Outfits. However, inflight, they must be activated to have an effect. This activation uses Weapon Groups.

Use the I key (see Misc paragraph) to open the information menu and go to the Weapons tab. From there, select an unused Weapon Group and left-click on the Outfit. The Outfit will turn to red and the Weapon Group will be labelled "Abilities - Toggled". Activating this Weapon Group inflight will toggle the Activated Outfit.

Technical stuff

For bobbens to fill in.

Possible Active Outfits


Functions as currently implemented, but with added heat and cooldown. Automatically disengages when overheating. Cooldown time is short but increases as the afterburner heats up.

Auxiliary Shield Power Coupling

When activated, dumps a portion of the ship's energy reserves into the shield capacitor. Low efficiency.

Auxiliary Energy Power Coupling

When activated, dumps a portion of the shield capacitor's energy into the energy banks. Low efficiency.

Missile Jammer

Reduces speed and turn rate of nearby missiles.

Blink Drive

When activated, immediately teleports the ship a certain distance along its current face vector. Long cooldown.

Signature Dampener

While active, this outfit severely reduces the ship's energy signature, effectively boosting the evasion factor. This makes the ship harder to detect and lock on to. It's much more effective than passive scramblers, but drains much more power.

Cloaking Device

Renders the ship invisible. While invisible the ship cannot be targeted or scanned, and any pilots that have the ship targeted will lose the target when the ship cloaks. The ship can still be hit by weapons fire and area effects. While cloaked all other systems on board the ship shut down, including shields, energy generation and thrust. The cloaking device consumes energy at a steady rate and will automatically shut off if all energy is depleted. The ship will continue drifting along its current vector until the cloaking device is deactivated. The primary purpose of the cloaking device is to evade enemies or patrols.

Time Dilation Device

When activated, dials down time compression to a value between 0 and 1. All time-related ship systems (speed, acceleration, turn rate, energy regeneration, fire rates, etc etc) are multiplied so that from the pilot's perspective the ship handles exactly the same as before. Lasts only a few seconds and needs considerable time to recharge.

Space Wheel Clamp

Anchors a disabled ship firmly to the part of space it occupies, effectively permadisabling it. Mostly used as a law enforcement device.

Towing beam

Functions as described in the Towing and External Cargo proposal.

Cargo Collector Beam

Functions as described in the Cargo Handling and Mining proposal, with the added detail that the ability is activated. While active, all collectible cargo nearby drifts toward the ship and is collected.