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This is a proposal for a redesign of the outfit and equipment screens.


  1. Display long outfit names
  2. Improve user outfit lookup

Basic preamble

The following images are mockups for the outfitter and equipment screens. The layout is designed for a 1024x768 resolution, the minimum resolution for Naev. Android and other small screens are NOT part of the considerations.

The images have annotation, but some additional commentary is provided on this page.

Outfitter screen

Equip screen.png

The main attraction on this screen is the outfit filter. The list is filtered by type, which is then sorted alphabetically. The last of the filter tabs could be a custom filter, where the user would be presented with a detailed filter dialog on click.

Equipment screen


Of interest on the outfitter screen is also outfits that the current planet doesn't sell, but which the player does have in his possession. There could be a special filter tab for such outfits, so that players can sell their stuff without having to find a planet that deals in said stuff, AND without creating confusion about which outfits the planet actually sells.