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This article describes steps you can take if you run into a problem with Naev.

Bug types

Most problems fall into one of two categories: crashes and scripting errors.

Debugging crashes

If you encounter a crash, try to remember what causes it. Then, start the game in gdb (the GNU debugger) by invoking it like this:

gdb naev

Then when you're in the gdb prompt, type


The game will start. When you get to the point where it crashes, the game window will freeze (rather than vanish). Switch to your gdb console, it will inform you that the program has halted. Now type

bt full

The resulting output (it can be a lot) is what you should provide in your bug report.

Note for Windows users: gdb is available for Windows here (32 bit) or here (64 bit). gdb also comes standard with MinGW installers.
Note for Mac OS X users: gdb is installed with the developer tools. The location of the file to use with gdb is: naev.app/Contents/MacOS/naev

Debugging scripting errors

Scripting errors can be mistakes in the game XML resources or errors in the Lua scripts. If you see a wrong description, missing image or other anomaly in the game, chances are it's a scripting error. It's also possible that a part of a script is broken, in which case the game will usually print a warning message about it on stderr.

Note for Windows users: The output of stderr will be in a file called stderr.txt. It's found in your main Naev directory.

Bug reporting channels

If you want to report a bug, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Tracker: Open an issue on the issue tracker. Make sure to include all the relevant information, such as when and where the problem occurs and the backtrace if applicable.
  • IRC: Join our IRC channel and report the problem there. The IRC channel is #naev on irc.freenode.net.
  • Forum: Post about your problem in the technical support forum.

In all cases, try to see if your bug has already been reported by looking at the forum and issue tracker!