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The Collective Campaign is a minor campaign within the larger Empire Campaign.


Short campaign, mainly to use as an introduction to naev and for the first release.


The Collective are a recently new menace. They caught the empire off guard and took over a few system which they proceded to systematically purge of all life forms. The Empire then responded to the attack and a stalemate was reached. Frequent skirmishes still occuring around the border star systems. A lot of speculation has been created among the Collective. Top secret scientific gone wrong? New weapon of the FLF? Long-existing civilization converted to robots? No one knows for certain.


  • Omega Station
    • Center of operations for empire actions against the Collective
  • Eirok
    • Ex-Empire colony now occupied by the Collective
    • Used to have a military scientific facility where the collectives where concieved. Now is abandoned.



  • Commodore Keer
    • In charge of eliminating the Collective threat.
    • Spies on Omega Station without revealing true nature.
  • Sergeant Dimitri
    • In charge of the Collective counter-espionage department of Omega Station.
    • Unaware of the true Collective nature.


  • Commodore Welsh
    • Was in charge of the Collective research facility in Eirok.
    • Now controls the Collective.
    • Commands the Starfire.
  • Captain Zakred
    • Second in command to Welsh.
    • Infiltrated in Empire.
    • Commands the ESS Trinity.

Plot overview

  • Initial stalemate
  • Drone breaks blockade, seems to be malfunctioning.
  • Drone captured and analyzed, weird wireless module found (seemingly of Empire make), seems to have had corruption on AI.
  • Fly back to listen on wireless conversations.
  • Nothing reported, try again and deeper and hide on planet.
  • Logs display Empire Military craft detect around area, seemingly communicate with Empire.
  • Need distraction to monitor with a special covert ops team.
  • Covert Ops discovered and slaughtered, must check for survivors.
  • One survivor hidden with data.
  • Proof that the ESS Trinity communicates with the collective (preparing coup )
  • You've been monitored by superiors who knew what was happening all along.
    • Collective was actually part of a scientific military experiment commanded by Commodore Welsh.
    • You are offered a chance to try to end the menace under command of Commodore Keer.
  • Prepare trap for the ESS Trinity to arrest.
  • ESS Trinity tries to jump to Collective space.
    • If ESS Trinity is destroyed there's an extra Drone Attack mission and final showdown includes both ESS Trinity and Starfire.
  • Drone attack on Omega Station thanks to information facilitated by Captain Zakred. If ESS Trinity is destroyed mission is skipped.
  • Attack (or counterattack with previous mission) on Drone space C-43.
  • Final showdown at C-28..
    • Starfire will be there always.
    • ESS Trinity will be there if not destroyed previously.
  • Commodore Welsh killed, Collective/Empire suffer heavy losses.
  • Cinematic scene to finish:
    • You see the Commodore Welsh release the AI limiter.
    • Collective back off.
    • Publicity stunt by Military. No news is heard of Welsh nor Zakred.
  • End of Collective conflict.


Collective Scout

  • Find scout tha broke through blockade.
  • If combat rating is high enough (>200), you disable and board it.
  • Else you just locate it.
  • Fly back to Omega Station.

Collective Espionage I

  • Fly around systems listening on signals, enforce minimum jump system.
  • Fly back to Omega Station.

Collective Espionage II

  • Enter deeper into space and land on planet that got annihilated.
  • Fly back to Omega Station.

Collective Espionage III

  • Fly very deep into collective space, make nuisance of yourself.
  • Fly back to Omega Station.

Collective Distraction

  • Fly to the planet and land amidst heavy Collective opposition.
  • Fly back to Omega Station.

Operation Black Trinity

  • Attempt to stop ESS Trinity on way to Collective space.
  • Trinity will jump (unless you destroy really fast) leaving collective drones behind for you to fight.
  • Rebrief at Omega Station.

Collective Assault

  • Only if ESS Trinity is not destroyed.
  • Heavy collective attack at Omega Station.

Operation Cold Metal

  • Player is helped by heavy Empire/Dvaered fleet.
  • Attack on C-43
    • Heavy Collective presence.
  • Follow up on C-28
    • Starfire is there.
    • ESS Trinity is there if not destroyed previously.
    • Very Heavy Collective presence.
    • Upon destruction of the Starfire and Trinity (if applicable)
      • Cinema Scene
      • Player gets medal
      • All Collective bases are destroyed, systems are still dead.
      • Empire no longer in NCG-7134.
      • Player can now buy Collective technology.