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This page explains a bit about how planets and ships communicate with each other in the Naev universe. There are two big groups of communication: intra-system (within a same system) and inter-system (between multiple systems)

Intra-system communication

Within systems, ships generally use communication travelling at light speed. This includes all sorts of wave lengths. This allows cheap simple communication between all ships. These communications can be jammed or intercepted by other ships specialized in the task. Planets within a same system can also speak to each other relatively easily.

Inter-system communication

Communication between systems is done through various different mechanisms. Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages focusing them on different usage cases.

Priority Quantum Line

This is an instantaneous communication line. The downside of this communication line is that it generally has low bandwidth and therefore is generally reserved for usage by the administration. However some bandwidth is reserved for people with deep pockets.


  • Instantaneous
  • Can go anywhere


  • Low bandwidth
  • Need important infrastructure
  • Reserved for usage by government

Communication Pods

Communication pods were specialized and have been around since the old times. However the newest ones are much faster and more reliable than the first ones. The communication pods exploit the fact that the life support systems of ships make the jump time slower. These pods are generally small and travel at velocities approaching the speed of light within a system before jumping to the next. Therefore the time they take depends on the amount of jumps they have to do. Different pods have been made to take only a couple minutes to an hour.

These pods are used for synchronization of world markets and news. Therefore they tend to have delays and don't tend to reach the border areas with full information due to costs.


  • Can carry really large loads of data
  • Easy to launch and recover


  • High latency depending on data
  • Can be intercepted by ships