Frontier Liberation Front

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Frontier Liberation Front
Minor Faction

The Frontier Liberation Front or FLF is one of the minor factions in Naev.

The Facts

The Frontier and the Dvaered

The Frontier is an economically and strategically minor group of planets. Their continued existence is largely thanks to this fact, as their low profile allowed them to survive the Faction Wars and the following expansion of the Old Empire. However, in the current age of turmoil and shifting loyalties, they are in danger of finally succumbing to their stronger neighbors, the Dvaered. House Dvaered, being aggressive, expansionistic and prestige-bound, will prey on any target it feels it can beat, and the Frontier is fair game since no other faction will defend their interests.

Though the Dvaered already have a strong presence in Frontier space, they have not yet made an open bid for power over the worlds occupying it. There are two main reasons for this. One reason is discontent among the generals in Dvaered High Command - each general is trying to maneuver the situation to his own advantage, to strengthen his own position as a future Warlord. The other reason is that the Dvaered forces are constantly being harassed by a terrorist group calling itself the Frontier Liberation Front.

The Frontier Liberation Front

The Frontier Liberation Front, or FLF, is a clandestine, independent organization. It employs guerrilla tactics to disrupt Dvaered operations both in Frontier space and in the Dvaered's own territory. While individual FLF wings are a poor match against a combat-ready Dvaered fleet, the FLF commanders always manage to strike the Dvaered in a blind spot, moving in, wreaking havoc and then fading away before reinforcements can arrive. The efficiency of the FLF attacks suggests the organization is led by competent military officers, but nobody knows who they are or where they came from. Fact is that although the FLF cannot hope to stop the Dvaered with its current methods, it is certainly keeping them from focusing on the Frontier.

The FLF has limited resources at its disposal, because the organization is funded exclusively by private benefactors. Some of these benefactors are suspected of having ties with the individual Frontier governments, but of course the collective Frontier administration denies all involvement, knowing that an open provocation to Dvaered High Command would swiftly align the generals in a desire to retaliate. However, since the Frontier is economically weak, not even the backing of the Frontier worlds allows the FLF to mount a serious fighting force. Most of their ships are fighters and bombers, reinforced by a handful of hard-earned corvettes.

Pitted against the might of the extensive Dvaered fleet, the FLF seems doomed to obliteration. What it needs is a miracle - and it needs one soon...

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