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Due to overwhelming questions on factional styles this page attempts to sum up most factional styles;

Great Houses

The great houses of the empire.


The general sensation is military and functional. Ships should look like they were built for a purpose with no real flair on extras to them. The colours are green and yellow, with dominance of green pseudo military camouflage.

House Dvaered

Generally more brutish and warlike. Should look overarmoured. Colours are earthly brown and orange.

House Sirius

Smooth and elegant. Should use curves and avoid rough edges. Colours are silver and gray.

House Za'lek

The best way to describe them is mad scientists. So the ships should look like they originally had a purpose and got lots of stuff hacked onto it ending up in some sort of mad scientist machine. Therefore it should generally avoid symmetrical designs. Ships should generally skinny and frail. Colours are pure white and blood red.

House Proteron

Should look high tech in the sense that they have better technology than the Empire yet follow similar design guidelines. Colour is purple.

House Soromid

Organic hybrids. Technology is of metal frames with bacteria and fungus that form some sort of hive colony that provides the ship with weaponry, life support and other stuff. It should generally have imperfections here and there (or on the texture) as it is ever changing and evolving. DOES NOT HAVE A COLOUR YET.

Other Factions


Generally they can be any sort, with dominance of black and red for generic pirates. However within clans they can use their own styles. Their ships should look like they are hacked stolen black market versions.


They use generic civilian ships or unadorned stolen military ships.

House Goddard

Sort of a cross between Dvaered and Empire. Their colour is blue.