Incident Campaign

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This page is to contain the plot outline for the Incident campaign.

Idea mill

  • Sol contains a dimensional anomaly caused by the (hyperspace-born) nebula explosion itself. It's a rift in space of some sort, and by flying into it the player enters another Sol, a frozen Sol that is still intact, at the exact moment the hypergate exploded. Like a gigantic, 3D picture the player flies around in. Here the player discovers the original Sol gate, with the Nebula already bursting out through it. It should be an important plot propagator.
    • Motivation: Sol is a psychologically important system. It's got the Earth Factor, it's Our Home. The player instinctively feels that there must be something very important there, especially considering the immense obstacle for getting there. So I believe that NOT making it vitally important for the Incident campaign would constitute an anticlimax.