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Naev allows the user to configure key bindings from within the game. The following is an exhaustive list of keybinds and their descriptions. This information is mainly useful when using the naev.keyGet() Lua function.

The keys in the first column are for the WASD set. Key (Alt) is the default in the arrow keys set.


Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
W Up Accelerate accel Makes your ship accelerate forward.
A Left Turn Left left Makes your ship turn left.
D Right Turn Right right Makes your ship turn right.
S Down Reverse reverse Makes your ship face the direction you're moving from. Useful for braking.


Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
Ctrl-E T Target Next target_next Cycles through ship targets.
Ctrl-Q Ctrl-T Target Previous target_prev Cycles backwards through ship targets.
T N Target Nearest target_nearest Targets the nearest non-disabled ship.
Unbound Ctrl-R Target Next Hostile target_nextHostile Cycles through hostile ship targets.
Unbound Same Target Previous Hostile target_prevHostile Cycles backwards through hostile ship targets.
R Same Target Nearest Hostile target_hostile Targets the nearest hostile ship.
C Backspace Clear Target target_clear Clears the currently-targeted ship, planet or jump point.


Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
Space Same Fire Primary Weapon primary Fires primary weapons.
Q A Face Target face Faces the targeted ship if one is targeted, otherwise faces targeted planet or jump point.
B Same Board Target board Attempts to board the targeted ship.

Secondary Weapons

Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
Left Shift Same Fire Secondary Weapon secondary Fires secondary weapons.
1 Same Weapon Set 1 weapset1 Activates weapon set 1.
2 Same Weapon Set 2 weapset2 Activates weapon set 2.
3 Same Weapon Set 3 weapset3 Activates weapon set 3.
4 Same Weapon Set 4 weapset4 Activates weapon set 4.
5 Same Weapon Set 5 weapset5 Activates weapon set 5.
6 Same Weapon Set 6 weapset6 Activates weapon set 6.
7 Same Weapon Set 7 weapset7 Activates weapon set 7.
8 Same Weapon Set 8 weapset8 Activates weapon set 8.
9 Same Weapon Set 9 weapset9 Activates weapon set 9.
0 Same Weapon Set 0 weapset0 Activates weapon set 0.

Note : Weapons Sets are not only used for weapons, but also to trigger Activated Outfits. Use the I key (see Misc paragraph) to open the information menu and go to the Weapons tab. From there, select an unused Weapons Group and left-click on the Outfit. The Outfit will turn to red and the Weapons Group will be labelled "Abilities - Toggled". Activating this Weapons Group ingame will toggle the Activated Outfit.


Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
Unbound Same Target Next Escort e_targetNext Cycles through your escorts.
Unbound Same Target Previous Escort e_targetPrev Cycles backwards through your escorts.
Unbound Same Escort Attack Command e_attack Orders escorts to attack your target.
Unbound Same Escort Hold Command e_hold Orders escorts to hold their positions.
Unbound Same Escort Return Command e_return Orders escorts to return to your ship hangars.
Unbound Same Escort Clear Commands e_clear Clears your escorts of commands.

Space Navigation

Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
Ctrl-J Same Autonavigation On autonav Initializes the autonavigation system.
P Same Target Planet target_planet Cycles through planet targets.
L Same Land land Attempts to land on the targeted planet or targets the nearest landable planet. Requests permission if necessary.
H Same Target Jumpgate thyperspace Cycles through jump points.
M Same Star Map starmap Opens the star map.
J Same Initiate Jump jump Attempts to jump via a jump point.
Tab Same Overlay Map overlay Opens the in-system overlay map.
Ctrl-X Same Mouse Flight mousefly Toggles mouse flying.
Ctrl-S Same Autobrake autobrake Begins automatic braking or active cooldown, if stopped.


Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
Pageup Same Log Scroll Up log_up Scrolls the log upwards.
Pagedown Same Log Scroll Down log_down Scrolls the log downwards.
Y Same Hail Target hail Attempts to initialize communication with the targeted ship.
Ctrl-Y Same Autohail autohail Automatically initialize communication with a ship that is hailing you.


Key Key (Alt) Name Internal Name Function
Keypad + Same Radar Zoom In mapzoomin Zooms in on the radar.
Keypad - Same Radar Zoom Out mapzoomout Zooms out on the radar.
Keypad * Same Screenshot screenshot Takes a screenshot.
Pause Same Pause pause Pauses the game.
Backquote Same Toggle 2x Speed speed Toggles 2x speed modifier.
Escape Same Small Menu menu Opens the small in-game menu.
I Same Information Menu info Opens the information menu.
F2 Same Lua Console console Opens the Lua console.
Alt-1 Same Switch Tab 1 switchtab1 Switches to tab 1.
Alt-2 Same Switch Tab 2 switchtab2 Switches to tab 2.
Alt-3 Same Switch Tab 3 switchtab3 Switches to tab 3.
Alt-4 Same Switch Tab 4 switchtab4 Switches to tab 4.
Alt-5 Same Switch Tab 5 switchtab5 Switches to tab 5.
Alt-6 Same Switch Tab 6 switchtab6 Switches to tab 6.
Alt-7 Same Switch Tab 7 switchtab7 Switches to tab 7.
Alt-8 Same Switch Tab 8 switchtab8 Switches to tab 8.
Alt-9 Same Switch Tab 9 switchtab9 Switches to tab 9.
Alt-0 Same Switch Tab 0 switchtab0 Switches to tab 0.