Landing and Bribing

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This article describes landing and bribing mechanics. See also the original proposal.

Each asset in the game has a landing profile, which governs when the player is allowed to land on that asset and how willing the asset is to accept bribes. In Asset.xml, asset definitions may optionally contain a <land> node. The value of this node corresponds to a function in dat/land.lua. This script contains the landing and bribing logic.

The land function returns up to 5 values:

  1. Boolean whether or not can land
  2. Land message which should be denial if can't land or acceptance if can
  3. (optional) Bribe price or message that can't be bribed or nil in the case of no possibility to bribe.
  4. (Needed with bribe price) Bribe message telling the price to pay
  5. (Needed with bribe price) Bribe acceptance message

The land script checks for the player's standing with the appropriate faction. It uses this value to determine whether the player can land, whether the player can bribe the asset, and if so, how much the player needs to pay. The thresholds and calculations for this are all defined in the script and cannot be controlled from elsewhere. To fine tune a specific asset in terms of landing and bribing, new functions must be added to land.lua, which can then be used in asset.xml.

If asset.xml does not specify a land function, the default function ("land") is used.