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See the missile lockon proposal.

Missile weapon archetypes

  • Dumbfire rockets (no lockon required)
    • High speed, low damage, high rate of fire, short range dogfight assist rockets
    • High speed, medium damage, low rate of fire, medium range bombardment assist rockets
  • Anti-fighter seekers
    • Low payload, low lockon time missiles for taking out light targets
    • Medium payload, medium lockon time missiles for taking out heavy fighters
    • High payload, medium speed, high lockon time missiles for use against corvettes
  • Torpedoes
    • Small torpedo, high lockon time and medium speed
    • Heavy torpedo, high lockon time and slow speed
  • Special payloads
    • Shield busters
    • Area of effect
    • Disabling warheads
    • Heat warheads

Lockon conditions

  1. Missile weapons will only lock on to a targeted ship
  2. The target must be in sensor range (i.e. not unknown)
  3. The target must be within the lockon area of the missile weapon, which for normal launchers is an arc in front of the ship and for turrets is everywhere.

Lockon time

Is a function of:

  1. Launcher outfit
  2. Active enemy ewarfare (not passive)