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These are an assortment of ideas for missions in Naev. There are a good way to get started in contributing to Naev as they are somewhat simple one-off missions.

Neutral mission ideas

These are general missions that can be found in most systems and are not generally tied to a specific faction.

Absent-minded merchant

A merchant with a slow ship suddenly realizes he can't make the delivery and implores the player (with a fast ship presumed) to do it for him. Since he has to look good with his employers he'll pay the player a bonus if he does it. --- Has been sort of implemented as anxious merchant

The ruse

A man asks you to help him locate his brother. Upon finding the brother and docking with his ship, your employer promptly shoots the "brother". The man was actually a hitman, and he used the you to further his end. --- currently being implemented by fart

The drone recovery

Disable and retrieve a runaway drone for a Za'lek scientist -- currently being implemented by fart

Runaway assistant

A Za'lek scientist's assistant contacts you through the mission computer and asks you to transport some of his belongings offworld. Once in space it turns out the "assistant" is an artificial intelligence, and the belongings are the server hardware on which it runs. You are to smuggle the AI to Dvaered space, where nobody will look for it.

Insane businessman

A successful, aging businessman commissions you to investigate a number of increasingly-improbable conspiracies, growing progressively more agitated as you fail to find evidence that supports his conspiracy theories. Eventually, deciding that you're working for the Man and involved in a plot to kill him, he sends mercenaries after you and goes into hiding.

Za'lek Missions


A Za'lek scientist hires you to disable and board progressively larger Soromid ships, to collect tissue samples. Some time after you deliver the final sample, the scientist contacts you again to tell you he has used the samples to develop an airborn virus that infects Soromid ships. The scientist hires you one last time to deploy the bioweapon at a Soromid shipyard, after which you must escape from the pursuing Soromid forces.

FLF Missions

Dirty Dirty Bomb

Too long to have here: Dirty Dirty Bomb. Basically FLF morality and the bombing of civilians.


Ultimate Lifeform

Too long to have here: Ultimate Lifeform. Basically Soromid have created a synthetic life form that is out of control.