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Warning: If you don't want to know which missions are in the game, then stop reading.

0.5.0 Mission testing

Before a "stable" 0.5.0 release, every excising mission should be checked if it is still playable and correct with the new balancing and big systems. This page is used to keep track of which missions are being reviewed or are already finished.


Should be rewritten completely

Mission name Lua file Status
Tutorial tutorial Done (BTAxis)


Mission name Lua file Status Comment
Collective Scouting empire/collective/ec00 Done (BTAxis) Uses proximity hook to "detect" the player spotting the drone; should arguably use a detect hook.
Collective Espionage 1 empire/collective/ec01 Done (BTAxis) Should work now.
Collective Espionage 2 empire/collective/ec02 Done (BTAxis) Added a simple cutscene and OSD.
Collective Espionage 3 empire/collective/ec03 Done (BTAxis)
Collective Distraction empire/collective/ec04 Done (BTAxis) Probably needs additional tweaks.
Operation Black Trinity empire/collective/ec05 Done (BTAxis)
Operation Cold Metal empire/collective/ec06 Done (BTAxis)
Empire Recruitment empire/emp_cargo00 Done (geever)
Empire HCVL empire/emp_hcvl Done (bobbens)
Pirate Bounty empire/emp_pirbounty Done (bobbens) Bounty seems to be awarded upon pirate dying - no matter who kills it. (mazling)
Empire Shipping empire/es_cargo Done (geever)
Empire Shipping 1 empire/shipping/es00 Done (geever)
Empire Shipping 2 empire/shipping/es01 Done (geever)
Empire Shipping 3 empire/shipping/es02 Done (Anatolis, bobbens) Changed positioning to work with big systems. Spiced things up.


Mission name Lua file Status Comment
Take the Dvaered crew home dvaered/dv_antiflf01 Done (Deiz)
Lure out the FLF dvaered/dv_antiflf02 Done (Deiz)
Destroy the FLF base! dvaered/dv_antiflf03 Done (bobbens, Deiz)
Dvaered Patrol dvaered/dv_patrol Done (bobbens)


Mission name Lua file Status Comment
Deal with the FLF agent flf/flf_pre01 Done (Deiz)
Disrupt the Dvaered Patrols flf/flf_pre02 Done (Deiz)


Mission name Lua file Status Comment
Animal transport neutral/animaltransport Done (Anatolis)
Cargo neutral/cargo Done (misc)
Cargo Rush neutral/cargo_rush Done (misc)
Crimelord neutral/crimelord Done (geever, bobbens)
Defend the System 1 neutral/dts_00 WIP (Elderman)
Defend the System 2 neutral/dts_01 WIP (Elderman)
Defend the System 3 neutral/dts_02 WIP (Elderman)
Nebula Satellite neutral/nebu_satellite Done (geever)
Hot dogs from space neutral/reynir Done (geever)
The Space Family neutral/spacefamily Done (geever) Added permanent visibility and highlighting
The macho teenager neutral/teenager Done (geever, bobbens)
Baron baron/baron_baron Done (bobbens)
Prince baron/baron_prince Done (bobbens)


Mission name Lua file Status Comment
Hitman pirate/hitman Done (geever)
Hitman 2 pirate/hitman2 Done (geever) sometimes it doesn't finish...
Hitman 3 pirate/hitman3 Done (geever)
Pirate Shipping pirate/pir_cargo Done (geever,)
Empire Patrol Bounty pirate/pir_empbounty Done (bobbens) Surely 20000 credits for taking out an Empire Peacemaker isn't right... ;-) (mazling)


Mission name Lua file Status Comment
Dark Shadow shadow/darkshadow Done (bobbens)
Shadowrun shadow/shadowrun Done (bobbens) Changed time values, may still need tweaking.
Shadow Vigil shadow/shadowvigil Done (bobbens) Lots of API fixes and the likes. Made conversations longer.