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This is a list of proposals for features for Naev. This list contains full fledged proposals only, not minor feature requests. Note that a proposal isn't the same as a planned feature.

Older proposals are only available on the google mailing list, links here will redirect there. New proposals should be discussed on the forums.

Open proposals

These proposals have neither been accepted nor rejected.

Armour Revamp

Ship and Outfit Variants

Improved Mission Spawning

Improved Boarding

Improved Communications

Economy and Trade

Ship to Ship Scanning

Towing and External Cargo

Better outfit UI

Safe Lanes

Improved targeting and navigation

Asteroids 2

Pirate Mechanics

Extending the Slot System (Slot Types)

Weapon Restrictions, Acquisition and Beam Diversity

In-game database


Improved weapons and damage

Arcade Mode and Gambling

Improving AI / Player Interactivity

Sustainability, Trading and Theft of Ships


Equipment UI

Cargo Handling and Mining

Better News

Infrastructure for unique missions

Player Stats

Partially implemented or WIP proposals

These proposals are currently being worked on, or have been implemented only in part.

Missile Revamp

Electronic Warfare

Common Mission Framework

Implemented proposals

These proposals have been implemented in one form or another. Note that the implementation may not match the proposal, because alterations may have been made during the implementation process for one reason or another.

Beam Revamp

Activated Outfits

Asset and Jump Point Discovery

Missile Lock-on


Better Reputation

Better landing and bribing

Weapon heat

Improved Mission Markers

Improved System backgrounds

Weapon Bindings

Faction Presence

Big Systems

Planet tech

Improved HUD for communications

Outfit Revamp

Spaceport Bar NPCs

Manual Ship Control

Extending the Slot System (Slot Sizes)

Rejected proposals

These proposals have been rejected and will NOT be implemented.

Hard-fixed outfits (obsolete with the ship stats system)

Inventories for outfitters and shipyards (obsolete with Planet tech)