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This is a list of features that will NOT be put into naev, or at least not until after version 1.0.0. The reasons for rejecting them are listed as well. All of these features have been discussed before, and the subjects are closed. Please refrain from re-opening the debate, as it is a waste of time. This list should be considered non-negotiable.

  • Component-level damage
    • Makes things complicated and has no real benefits.
  • Ship crews
    • Adds too much micromanagement.
    • Also can make mission development trickier as we currently always assume the player is a lone wolf.
  • Paperdoll equipping
    • Makes things complicated and has no real benefits.
  • 3D Naev
    • Would require a redesign of the entire game, which isn't worth it.
    • Note: this only goes for 3D gameplay. The use of 3D graphics in the existing 2D gameplay is planned.
  • Multiplayer adventure mode
    • The game is designed around a one-player adventure. It does not translate to a multi-user experience.
    • A lot of core game code would have to be rewritten for this to work.
    • Note: a simple combat-centric multiplayer mode is much more likely to happen.