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We are in need of people to work on these things! Feel free to fork the Naev source code and try your hand at implementing them!

Next Release (0.6.0)


  • Control improvements
    • WASD scheme by default, perhaps an option to set a default WASD or arrow key layout
    • Auto-assignment of active outfits to weapon groups, or a parallel system (e.g. function keys)
  • Landing window improvements
    • Store: Filtering (tabs), possibly free-form, incremental text search
    • Equipment: Enhanced filtering, some way to quickly differentiate outfits that share icons
      • Note: Not entirely done, but as done as it's going to be for now. The outfit image arrays need a graphical overhaul.
    • Shipyard: Preview new ships with their default core outfits, or showcase the ship stats directly
      • The former is only an apples-to-apples comparison if all ships come with identical core outfits


  • Missile system revamp
    • Needs further discussion, some ideas include giving torpedoes no or zero forward thrust, and salvo-based regenerating ammo
  • Playtest missions and adjust difficulty based on player feedback
  • Support for high-DPI monitors
  • Slot size indicators


  1. Conditional landing
  2. Better reputation
  3. Faction: Soromid
  4. Tech editor
  5. Asset/jump discovery
  6. Rebalance core outfits
  7. Rebalance ships

Original (circa-2012) Goals

  1. Missile Revamp
  2. Slot size indicators
  3. Quadtree Implementation
  4. Asteroids
  5. Fancier cooling (multiplied depending on idle time and such)
  6. Split damage stats into armour and shield damage stats, corrected for damage type
  7. (Possibly) Fleet AI
  8. (Possibly) Safe lanes
  9. (Possibly) Enhanced joystick support

Down the line

These are grouped as possible minor version releases (for example 0.5.0 -> 0.5.1).


  1. Proper economy model.

Improved Combat

  1. Fire modes
  2. Mechanics to discourage afterburner usage out of combat.
  3. More ship stats and different outfits
  4. Active ewarfare (jamming)
  5. Dynamic Zoom improvements (handle better capships and the likes)
  6. Weapon Lua API (maybe delay for 0.5.x?)
  7. Rewrite beams (and fix collision error)
  8. AI tweaks and improvements (almost done but still some quirks like collective drones)


  1. Add contraband
  2. Add black market
  3. Add patrols and scanning

GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language)

  1. GLSL Infrastructure
  2. Motionblur instead of rumble
  3. Fancier jump animations
  4. Replace fixed pipeline stuff with GLSL (with fixed pipeline as backend)
  5. Engine and missile trails


  1. 3D rendering of ships and models (


  1. Quadtree implementation
  2. Asteroids
  3. Mining
  4. Safe lanes

Fleet AI

  1. Fleet level AI
  2. Faction-wide AI (to some extent)


  1. Follow that ship! mode
  2. Ingame database
  3. Player stats
  4. Better news


Translation is scheduled for the far future when Naev is mature. See FAQ#How_can_I_translate_Naev_to_.24FOO_language.3F.

  1. Support for unicode
  2. Support for multiple languages
  3. Support to aid translators in multiple languages