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Ships in Naev are 2D sprites, but they're generated from 3D models (these models are available here). In future, 3D models will be used in-game, which should be kept in mind with regard to texture sizes and polycount.

Ship Models

Ship models should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Polycount: Ideally as few as necessary. Existing models range from approximately 500 to 5000 faces.
  • Format: Blender files are preferred, but any format Blender can import (3DS, OBJ, etc.) is sufficient.
  • Orientation: Centered on the origin and oriented so the front of the model faces negative Y (Example).
  • Style: There are currently no developed stylistic guidelines, as most existing factions (Barring Sirius and Za'lek) largely consist of models from Vega Strike.
  • Refer to the Ships article for ship class descriptions.

Civilian Ships

We need ships to put civilian pilots in. There is no limit to the amount of ship types Naev can use, so the only guideline here is, the more the better.

Civilian ships should give the impression that they're not combat ships (because they won't be). Compare civilian ships to personal automobiles - they can be sports models, family models, small transports, run down secondhands, et cetera.

Faction Ships

Each faction should have its own unique ship set. Civilian versions of faction ships may be available, but should generally be toned-down editions. Faction ships should be themed on a common colour scheme, while civilian versions should be mostly unmarked. Each major faction should have the following:

  • Light fighter (police)
  • Heavy fighter (military)
  • Bomber
  • Corvette
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Carrier

However, minor factions may lack some of these. For style please refer to faction styles.

The following is a list of the current factions and their ships.


Class Status
Shark YesY Done
Lancelot YesY Done
Bomber NoN Not done
Admonisher YesY Done
Pacifier YesY Done
Hawking YesY Done
Peacemaker YesY Done


Class Status
Light fighter (police) NoN Not done
Vendetta YesY Done
Ancestor YesY Done
Phalanx YesY Done
Vigilance YesY Done
Goddard YesY Done
Carrier NoN Not done


Class Status
Fidelity YesY Done
Heavy fighter (military) NoN Not done
Shaman YesY Done
Preacher YesY Done
Destroyer NoN Not done
Dogma YesY Done
Divinity YesY Done


Class Status
Scout Drone YesY Done
Light Drone YesY Done
Heavy Drone YesY Done
Bomber Drone YesY Done
Imp YesY Done
Sting YesY Done
Demon YesY Done
Mephisto YesY Done
Diablo YesY Done
Hephaestus YesY Done


Status Class
Light fighter (police) NoN Not done
Derivative YesY Done
Bomber NoN Not done
Corvette NoN Not done
Kahan YesY Done
Archimedes YesY Done
Watson YesY Done


Class Status
Brigand YesY Done
Reaver YesY Done
Marauder YesY Done
Odium YesY Done
Nyx YesY Done
Ira YesY Done
Arx YesY Done


Class Status
Drone YesY Done
Heavy Drone YesY Done
Mothership (based on the hypergate model) In progress