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The information on this page is out of date. The Ship class philosophy page is newer and better. This page should be deleted.



Weak ships without much power designed to be flown by normal civilians. They still have weapons, although not many to deal with asteroids and pirates.


Small ship, generally with room for few people to cruise the stars.

Luxury Yacht

High end version of a yacht, generally has much better sensors.

Cruise Ship

The biggest of the civilian ships.


Merchant vessels are optimized for cargo space. They generally are gigantic flying trucks.


Small transport ship.


Medium transport ship.

Bulk carrier

Large transport ship.


Military vessels generally have little cargo space and a large weapon space. They may not always be available to everyone.


Small ship for scouting. Generally equipped with many sensors and jamming systems.


Small ship for combat. Can be launched off bigger ships.


Small ship designed for long range combat and precision strikes against larger vessels.


Medium ship with a focus on maneuvrability.


Medium ship with focus on destruction power. Generally escorted by smaller vessels.


Large ship with heavy destructive powers.


Large ship that carries hangar bays for fighters and bombers. Generally largest of the Military ships.


Robotic vessels tend to be much more optimal because they don't have to use space and energy for life support. They are generally completely autonomous.


Small robotic vessel.

Heavy Drone

Medium robotic vessel.


Enormous robotic vessel that generally launches Drones and Heavy Drones.

Organic Hybrid

Not yet implemented in game.

Idea is to have a rare ship that one can acquire. The ship would start out with a large pool of experience that would be used as you do stuff with the ship evolving it towards one direction or another. Eventually they would cap out. Over time you could evolve a capped out ship towards another type.

There would be basically 3 experience groups:

  • Attack
  • Flight
  • Defence

Each would cause random mutations ta happen that can grow or shrink. Like a mutation outfit cannon that with more attack experience would become stronger into a beam maybe.

Hybrid ships wouldn't be able to use common outfits. They would have to use special ones or "grow" their own.