Sirius Campaign

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Central storyline

The main campaign tells the tale of he player's affiliation with the Sirian belief system and his rise through the echelons. One of the central components of the story is the player's resistance to the Touched, allowing him to make his own decisions instead of bending to the will of Sirichana like the other Sirians.

Main plot outline: All of House Sirius is controlled in an indirect manner by Sirichana, who is a man inhabited by an alien life form. The alien life form is an energy being of some kind, unable to exists in the physical world on its own. It does have the abillity to foresee events in the physical world, and it can exert a strong influence on sentient minds. The alien possesses the mind of its host, who becomes known as Sirichana, switching to a new host each time the old host dies. Sirichana then uses its psychic abilities to draw particularly susceptible humans from surrounding star systems to itself. These humans gather in Crater City over the course of several years, and once their number is sufficient, the alien life form converts them into the Touched. It does so by imparting small portions of its own energy to the humans, so that they too will have some degree of influence over their fellow men. Naturally, the Touched all follow the same agenda, making them a powerful unifying force. Unfortunately for the alien life form, this process cannot sustain itself. By sharing its own energy, it weakens itself, to the point where it can no longer survive. At the time the game takes place, Sirichana is approaching the limit. It has already begun to ration its own energy, reducing the numbers of the Touched in Sirius space, and before long it will die. What prevents this from happening is ultimately the player. The player is portrayed as having an innate resistance to the alien's mental influence, being completely immune to the Touched and capable of withstanding the alien's control directly as well (with effort). This presents a unique opportunity for the alien, as a human able to resist its psychic powers will also be able to interact with other members of its race unimpeded. Normal humans would immediately succumb to their mental influence. Together with the player, Sirichana embarks on a final journey to the outer systems in an effort to persuade another member of its kind to succeed it and carry on the legacy of House Sirius.

  • Chapter 0

In this chapter the player flies missions as a mercenary for House Sirius, performing menial roles, subordinate to a Sirius command ship.

  • Chapter 1

In this chapter the player helps the Sirians investigate aberrant behavior by some of the Touched. This is where the player's resistance to their influence first surfaces.

  • Chapter 2

In this chapter the player joins House Sirius as a Fyrra echelon citizen. By special permit he is allowed to join Sirian military operations as an independent pilot.

  • Chapter 3

In this chapter Sirichana takes an interest in the player and arranges for him to come to Crater City for a personal meeting. Everything is revealed, and the storyline reaches its finale.

Minor campaigns

  • The academy sabotage

The player gets involved in a personal feud between two Sirii. They each accuse the other of tampering with test scores at the academy several SCU ago, with the intent of discrediting the other.

Generic missions