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hi BTaxis, may i present you my idea about shields and armour.

I think following change would make the armour much more relevant: when the shield is still up nothing changes about the gameplay.

But when the shield is down and the ship relies on the armour for protection i would introduce a system which randomly shuts down, or greatly reduces a core system. this random factor would depend on the following:
high armour left: low chance of getting a core system disabled(or highly reduced in output power) high damage per second: higher chance of getting a core system disabled(or highly reduced in output power)

this system would create some interesting effects: when in a battle it might happen that your engines go down; you are basically disabled, but you are still able to shoot at your enemies. or the other way around, you are able to run away, but those damn turrets refuse to shoot

Unfortunately this idea isn't helpful because it makes armour *even worse*. If random systems start failing once you start taking armour damage, there will be an even greater incentive for players to never, ever let their shields fail. We want to de-emphasize the importance of shields in favor of armour.
--BTAxis 03:51, 24 May 2014 (CDT)
I see what you mean. I was just trying to give the player an extra reason to get more armour, since eventually your shield will be going down and then you will have a bigger disadvantage if you have lesser armour. I didn't consider that this will also mean that the players want even more shield for protection.
maybe the use of shield can be reduced by making the efficiency of the shield generators go down if you install more of them. i.e. first generator gets 100 shield for 100 energy, the second generator gets 100 shield for 150 energy. or something like that.
i would also make shields leak damage to the armour, maybe give shields 2 attributes: the maximum protection it gives and the maximum damage it can absorb per second. lets say my ship has 100 shield and can absorb 20 damage per second. during a fight i get 30 damage per second so after 1 second my shield goes down to 70, but it could only absorb 20 damage, so my armour goes down by 10
so if you combine these 3 ideas, you would 1) reduce the advantage the shield gives and 2) make the armour more relevant.
--Toams 13:02, 24 May 2014 (CDT)